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Deck Maintenance through Staining

The process of looking for the best deck stain for your windows depends on the kind of wood one’s deck is made of and how one wants it to look. The first thing that one should do however is to distinguish between the sealers and stains. The only way that one can prevent any leaking from taking place is by applying sealers that prevent any water from getting into the wood on their decks. Sealers that contain UV inhibitors are usually more appropriate as the wood rakes longer to discolor or fade. Since the wax wears off with time, one has to keep on applying sealers from time to time. Doing so will prevent your deck from degrading due to exposure to the sun’s rays.

The colour of the wood on your deck can be altered by staining hence one should get deck stains that have penetrating oil bases. More protection can be offered to your deck once you choose a deck stain that penetrates deeper into the wood. By getting opaque deck stains, the weathering on your deck can be covered up if at all the wood has already weathered. One however needs to apply the deck stain every year to avoid weathering of the wood. During staining, one should use an opaque stain on the sidings of the deck so the sun won’t affect it and the semi-transparent one on the deck.

The best kind of stain to use on your deck is one that protects it from moisture damage as well as sun’s effects. One should always take into account the condition of the wood during stain application. The stain will only stick properly to the wood if the wood is dry enough. One can always use a moisture meter to check the moisture content of the wood before applying the stain. With dry wood, one can be able to save on a lot of materials and labor as well. Wood that is dry and smooth at the same time isn’t ready for staining as it needs sanding.
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Most people find it difficult as they don’t know the number of coats they are to apply on the wood during staining. There are one coat stains in the market that one can purchase which are penetrating although they are more expensive. Regardless of the type of stain, one can apply two coats to offer more protection to the deck. The coating will last longer on your deck and it will make it look more appealing.
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Cleaning and staining of wooden decks should be done for them to last longer. Once you seal your deck, you will prevent any leakages from occurring within it after which you should stain it. Washing and scrubbing off any stains that are present on your decks is a good way of maintaining the decks for them to last longer and look better.