Why you should own a chronograph watch

Watches do not only tell time but they are also a reflection of a person’s…

Watches do not only tell time but they are also a reflection of a person’s status and sense of style. Watches come in many different brands and styles. Watch collectors go to many lengths to own some of the best vintage pieces ever manufactured.One such vintage watch popular with men is the chronograph watch. 

What makes a chronograph watch special?

Chronograph watch dates back to 1821 but it was not until 1910 that it became popular. Unlike the regular watch, a chronograph watch comes with more features and functions. It is also more complicated than the regular watch as it stops, starts moving, resets itself and restarts again, which no ordinary watch can do. The features that make it a must own piece of vintage time piece are;


One of the first things that captures your eyes when you see a chronograph watch, is its beauty. The watch is both sporty and sleek and the kind of piece that will have people asking where you got your watch from. The dial of the watch has many instruments that make it look more appealing than many other watches in the market. 

The casing too has a number of knobs that look both classy and confusing to those new to vintage luxurious timepieces. If you want to check the time on a chronograph watch in the dark, it illuminates the dial allowing you to do so without any strain to your eyes.


A chronograph watch does not just tell time but it also acts as a stopwatch. You can use a chronograph watch as your time tracking device for events such as exercise routines, cooking time, meetings and many others. You can also use the watch to measure your heartbeat or to monitor two events happening at the same time. Some of the chronograph watches also come with a telemeter function that allows you to know the distance to a place or event. 


Another reason for the watch popularity is its accuracy in telling time in spite of all the functions and complications. Some of the ordinary watches do not give the exact time but a chronograph will be accurate all through its timeline. 

Iconic features

Another feature that sets the watch apart is its iconic features. People that set out to buy a chronograph watch, do so because of the amazing iconic features rather than the functions of the watch. Some of the most popular iconic features of the watch are the tachymeter scale, the telemeter scale and the split second chronograph. 

The fame of the watch also includes the illustrious people that are fans of the iconic timepiece. Some of these fans include Harry S. Truman, Eric Clapton, Jacques Cousteau, and Paul Newman among many others.

Different designs

If you prefer your chronograph watch light and natural, you can opt to go with the wood and stone designs. If you want it a little bit heavier on your wrist, you can go with the stainless steel designs. The chronograph watch also comes in different kinds of strap designs, which you can choose depending on your preference. Whichever design you choose, you can be sure that it will come with the same elegance and complicated functions that make it stand out from the rest. 


Though some of the chronograph watches are expensive, majority of them are affordable compared to other vintage watches. This is despite their rich history, iconic features and complications. If you know what you want in a chronograph watch, you can get a good one that goes for between $500 and $1000.

Wrapping it up

With this, I think you are now convinced why a chronograph watch is necessary buy if you love vintage timepieces. The charm that comes with wearing a chronograph beats any feeling. It is a sign of pride, of luxury and of class. The features of the watch are so special that you will not find them with many other classic timepieces. Wearing a chronograph watch is like wearing two watches in one which makes life all the much easier.