Turn Off Your TV and Stop Listening to False Profits; We Cannot Afford to Lose You

Wasn’t it just wonderful that we had so many new registered voters during this last presidential election? We had so many people who voted for change and hope, isn’t that sweet? Young people, taking an interest in their country, the country they love, voting for a young president, proving that they were not racists, showing the world that they were politically correct and they care so much about our future.

Well, I suppose that’s one way to look at it. However, in my personal and professional opinion, I wonder if these kids will ever understand what they did. During the last presidential election Jr. Senator Barrack Obama actually said; “Come on, Let’s Distribute the Wealth a Little,” and I’m not sure if anyone really understands what that phrase means, but it is part of the socialist manifesto. It is true, and this was 100% Socialist thinking.

And, it is 100% the very opposite of what built this great nation, socialism is the absolute opposite of capitalism. To share the wealth, you have to take from those that produce the most, and have the most and give it to the people who don’t, most likely because they didn’t feel like working for it. Now, I suppose if you’re young and naive, and you see all the wealth around you in the United States of America, you figure that that’s the way it is and you deserve your share.

That’s all good and wonderful, except for the reality that people had to work to create that wealth, and it took them years if not decades to do it. And it isn’t right to just take it from them. Not long ago, I was sitting at a restaurant, and a couple next to me finished their meal and left without leaving a tip. They told me to tell the waiter, that they had noticed his “Obama Button” and that they took his tip and gave it to the homeless person next to the bicycle outside.

The waiter said; “what a bunch of jerks, they stiffed me, I’m going to college and I need the money bad,” but actually the couple was very nice, they were not jerks, and I watch them hand two bills to the homeless guy out front, now I suppose those were $5 bills so they gave the homeless guy $10. They redistributed that waiter’s tips just like they promised they would. Later on that night I just laughed, I thought that was the funniest thing I’d ever seen.

I wonder what that waiter is thinking about now, or if he still likes the idea of redistribution. Chances are he was too naive to even understand what happened, but I bet when he grows up one day he’ll remember, and he’ll think back about how stupid he was for voting for a re-distributor. As a matter of fact, I wonder how many young people are already learning from their poor choices. I just think it’s funny as hell.

The other day, I was at Starbucks coffee shop, talking to a friend about common sense and conservatism, and a Barack Obama supporter made some snide remark. My friend said to the gentleman; “Turn Off Your TV and Stop Listening to False Profits; We Cannot Afford to Lose You or Your Mind!” And then explained that we need every voter and citizen to think, reason, and vote after considering the ramifications of all the promises.

I wonder if all the socialist-liberal voters see now what they did, or how fool hardy their actions were? I’m sure it will dawn on them one day, boy are they going to feel stupid looking in the mirror. I must say I never fell for that nonsense even when I was young. Of course, I was running my own small business from age 12, so I guess I got a head start on all of them. At this time Romania also immediately organized this routine event. Presidential election held in 2019 will be the determination of Romanian Sanatate people in the next 10 years.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama has been the source of so many jokes, I should go into standup comedy; God bless that guy, I just love him, he’s the best thing to come along for comedy in years. Be sure to read all my articles early and often, as I don’t hold any punches and I don’t do BS, nor should you have to. Let’s all have a little laugh, because he doesn’t look like a two-termer to me. Please consider all this.

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