The Top Dress Styles This Year

When an occasional formal event is in your calendar, you always want to make sure that you would look your best that day. For that you need the perfect set of clothes, shoes, bag and makeup to look your best. The whole scenario isn’t possible if you do not have the right dress to wear to your event. With respect to time of the day and the season that the event is going to be held, there are certain things you want to look out for. Designers come up with different styles, cuts and designs every season that enable a person to be comfortable and look trendy.

Although it may not be in everyone’s budget to afford a designer gown, but you can always take inspiration and work to find a similar gown that you saw in a designer’s outlet. To know the latest styles in formal party dresses, you would need to do some research. Following are some of the latest trends that will make your decision easier in selecting a dress for yourself:

Sleeveless Dresses:

Sleeveless dresses are classic and elegant and have always been the way for women to exude elegance and grace. The recent trend in sleeveless dresses has also been accompanied by a sheer top above the bodice which gives the dress even more intricacy and modesty. Dresses such as these have more flair and let you show your beautiful skin and toned arms. If you cannot decide what to wear then a classic little black dress with no sleeves is the ultimate choice for you.

Lace Dresses:

The tradition of having lace on wedding dresses has gotten back, but that is not the only dress you will see with a lace. A lot of designers have been working withlace for many couture gowns to give their dresses a delicate touch. Whether a dress has lace sleeves, bodice or the whole dress consists of lace; a dress with a lace design is one of the biggest fashion statements that you can make. The beauty of lace is that you don’t need to accessorize the dress too much as the intricacy of the lace can give you and your dress a bigger spotlight to shine.

Two Piece Dresses:

The most recent fashion trend of all has been the one of two piece dresses. Not only does it make it a far easier for a person to put it on and take it off, but the top can also be used separately on a non-formal occasion. Most dresses consist of an off the shoulder top, halter neck tops, backless tops; while the bottom skirt can vary from a mermaid gown to a ball gown skirt. The practicality of this dress makes it more popular among the youth and a style that will surely remain popular in the coming years.

Sheer Paneling:

With technology advancements in stitching, dress designs have become more complex and interesting. Sheer dresses are one of the styles that have been gifted to us by the help of new cutting and stitching methods. There are different versions of dresses with see-through fabrics. Some only cover the lady parts while leaving the whole dress to display a woman’s body, this particular style is mostly for women daring to take a fashion risk. On the other hand, there are dresses that have only a sheer panel over one or either side of the legs, or in the back or around the waist, while the rest of the dress is covered. These dresses look chic, futuristic and are a great choice for women wanting to try something new. Furthermore, they can be used as the perfect prom dress for any girl daring to try to take a less than traditional route.

Sequins and Glamour:

There was a time when Hollywood was using tons of sequins and shiny fabrics in their outfits. Although that trend had faded with time, it has recently made a comeback into the fashion world. Shimmery dresses, especially in metallic tones, are helping fashion move forward due to the details they provide to any specific dress. Since this ensemble is eye-catching you need to exude confidence while wearing it. So when buying such an outfit, make sure that you are ready for all the attention you will be receiving when wearing this dress.

Even though every individual has their own personal style, but wearing something that is the most fashion forward is every woman’s dream. In the event that you decide to go with one of the aforementioned style choices, you may still select the cut, length and color of the dress in order to have a more personal touch to your outfit. So enjoy your special day out and let your personality shine through your ensemble.