The Diamond Anniversary: Find the Perfect Gift

60th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts and ideas | Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Diamonds are not only perfect for engagement rings but they are also perfect as an anniversary gift. Diamonds never fail to amuse the people who received them especially if they are given as a gift for a special occasion. One of the ways that couples keep their marriage exciting is by giving special gifts to their spouse. Choose a diamond anniversary gift in Dallas and you will never go wrong. Know more about The diamond anniversary: find the perfect gift by reading the Q&A below:

What Anniversary Do You Give Diamonds?

Diamonds can be a perfect gift for wedding anniversaries. Since they can be a reminder of how you started your plan to get married by giving an engagement ring many years ago. Diamond gifts will not necessarily be a ring, it can be other forms of jewelry. If your partner is wearing your engagement ring, giving her a diamond earring can be a good pair for her diamond ring. 50th or 60th wedding anniversaries are also the best time to give diamonds as gifts. 

What Anniversary Do You Upgrade Your Wedding Ring For?

Most couples upgrade their wedding ring on their 10th anniversary. Since the 10th year is considered a milestone of being married. However, couples can still decide what anniversary would they want to have their wedding rings upgraded. 

Ideas in Wedding Ring Upgrades

Upgrading the Stone

Stones on the wedding rings can be upgraded since this can give more life to your old wedding rings. It will be your choice to make the stones bigger or better in appearance. Putting a new stone on your wedding ring can be a good way to renew your vows at the same time and be reminded not to let those sparks in your marriage die. 

Adding Diamonds Accents

If You are still happy with the stones on your ring or if your wedding rings are in plain settings, adding an accent stone can give life to an old ring. Accent rings can give more sparkle and will make tor wedding rings look new. You can use the gemstones of your children on your wedding rings to give a more meaningful meaning and make it unique once again. 

Add Color to Your Wedding Rings 

If your wedding rings colorless gems, try adding a colored gemstone to make it more attractive and new as well. Getting a new color for your gems can give a meaning such as getting into another chapter as a married couple. 

Simply Having your Wedding Ring Cleaned

Having your wedding ring cleaned can be a satisfying upgrade already. Wedding rings are worn every day and they get exposed to different elements. They also need to be cleaned to make them look new again as well as restore their beauty.

What Finger Should You Wear As An Anniversary Ring?

If couples decide to get an anniversary wedding ring gift then they are usually worn on the right-ring finger so they won’t have to replace the wedding ring and won’t contract the beauty of the wedding and engagement ring. Some couples can also decide to keep their wedding rings as well as the engagement ring to give way for their wedding anniversary rings. This way it can stand out and they can have only one ring on their hands. 

Which Order Do You Wear Engagement Wedding And Anniversary Rings?

This depends on the couple if they want to wear their engagement ring as usual then wear the anniversary gift on the other fingers. For women who want to wear their engagement ring, wedding ring, and anniversary ring. They can wear their wedding ring and engagement ring on their left ring finger. Putting the wedding ring first followed by the engagement ring can symbolize that the wedding ring is closer to the heart. Then the anniversary ring is worn on the right-ring finger. 

Having knowledge on the diamond anniversary: find the perfect gift can help you determine how to wear your rings. Although you are free to use them in the way you want them to. Suggestions can give you an idea of how to make your anniversary rings special and more meaningful. Be creative and expand the ideas discussed in this article.