The Biggest Wedding Shots In 2019 

There is no doubt that wedding photography is constantly changing. There are trends, as with…

There is no doubt that wedding photography is constantly changing. There are trends, as with everything these days, and in a social media age, photography is perhaps moving quicker than most things.

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An Instagram Wedding

Give your guests a hashtag for your wedding so everyone can share their own photos with everyone on Instagram and Twitter, and you have the chance to see your big day through the eyes of your guests.

Stop-Motion Photo Film

Perhaps the biggest trend for this year is for stop-motion; a series of still photos that are then animated and set to music. Couples love them, as having the choice of music just gives another opportunity to personalise your wedding photos by choosing your special song to accompany your photos. They work particularly well for sharing on social media sites and friends who were not there, and those who were, will get a great sense of the occasion.

Photo Booths with Social Media Integration

Even traditional props, like the old favourite the photo booth, have had an update to bring them up to date. The new look booths are high-tech offering touch screens, even wi-fi, so photos can be uploaded immediately to guests’ social media accounts.


An ultra modern take on the photo booth is the Selfie Station. Almost all your guests will have taken a selfie at some point, so they’ll be comfortable with the idea. Give them a backdrop and encourage them to say cheese and take their own photos.

For a photographer, there is the opportunity for some really authentic shots of the guests as they take pictures of themselves. It adds a nice touch of spontaneity on a day when often things are timed to the minute.

Let It Go Over Your Head, whether they are taken by a daredevil photographer with a stepladder, or even these days using a drone. The angles involved give you a completely different perspective on the day and the festivities. Think of the group shots, or a complete view of all the tables laid for the wedding breakfast. These work fantastic to get a full view of the whole of the grounds including options like a Gloucestershire Hotel Wedding Venue that you could search sites like to find out more about what they offer.
Aerial shots are big news this year
If you are keen to try something a little different like this, speak to your photographer. A good local photographer will know the local venues, and where unusual shots will work.  A photographer will know how to capture the images in some of most beautiful venues. If you’re booking an experienced wedding photographer they will likely have knowledge of all the popular coastal and inland venues.

Share Old Photographs

This time, social media has nothing to do with it. It’s about displaying old photographic prints of family members, showing how important a big event like a wedding is to a family: tie everyone together.

Wedding Ideas Magazine online has some great ideas for current trends, and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International has some more industry news to keep you up to date.

Whatever shots you get from the day, don’t forget to make time to enjoy the moment the first time round.