How to Tell Your Life Story Through Your Jewellery

Your Jewellery Story - Why your jewellery is better than a photo

Erin Wasson, an American fashion model, fashion designer, stylist and actress has this famous jewellery quote to say, “Each piece of jewellery tells a story of my life. Picking one particular piece as a favourite would be like taking a chapter out of a book.” Indeed, this saying resonates with all jewellery lovers out there.

In all its forms, the jewellery you wear illustrates the story of your life, from your style to your relationship status, even your mood. Each piece of jewellery you wear always says something about your personality.

They say that if a picture paints a thousand words, an item of jewellery compares to a novel replete with a generation of one’s stories and memoirs. Of course, there are pieces that exude a subtle point while others radiate lucid messages about the person wearing them. That being the case, one may conclude that jewellery is much better than a photograph.

Your Type of Jewellery Tells Things About Yourself


Fashion necklaces Australia experts say that if you choose to wear the so-called ‘message jewellery’, there are some things to put in mind, like who are the people that you want to see and maybe, let them guess the price of what you’re wearing.

Birthstone – Any person or woman for that matter is surely fascinated about birthstone jewellery, no matter whether it’s a pendant necklace, a pair of stud earrings or if not, a gemstone ring. This form of jewellery may not tell an obvious story but may well describe the wearer in relation to her birth month or zodiac sign.   

Charm – Charm bracelets are by themselves, one of a kind, as they could represent favourite hobbies or symbolise an affectionate bond between a grandmother and a granddaughter, perhaps. For those who are fond of wearing charm bracelets, you only want to convey the unique side of you.

Size – Big and Small

Pairing your outfit with your favourite piece or pieces is always a remarkable idea since it would convey some personality of yours. For instance, sizable hoop earrings, thick necklaces that dangle around your throat or if not, a costly ring on your finger would obviously imply that you’ve got an active, social and full-of-life image. People like you are the life of the party, as they say. You always attract a crowd like a magnet for being generous and cheerful. Hence, big items mean the owner is proudly flaunting a clear message while small items indicate a faint idea.

Emotional Significance

Throughout time, gemstones have always been associated with special powers. For example, pearls denote nobility (queens, kings and emperors). Emeralds are good at protecting travellers. Rubies exemplify compassion during warfare. Jade is for drawing in good fortune. Diamonds dramatically influence health and love. So, if by chance you see people wearing any of those mentioned, it might help you understand what they’re going through or what their life status is.