How To Streetwear Properly

Streetwear has become one of the biggest trends in the fashion business but many are still a bit confused on the matter, especially the ones who are still thinking that streetwear is synonymous with “boor” and “flashy”. With that being said, it’s important to state the fact that triple As brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton decided to heavily target the industry, hiring indie designers that became famous for their streetwear brands. With Virgil Abloh being the brightest example of the above statement, let’s break this down in more details.

Oversized Tees And Hoodies

It’s not hard to say that OFF-White is one of the leading brands when it comes to streetwear, mens twin set and general fashion. Virgil Abloh’s brand, which was born straight after the infamous Pyrex 23, has moved the oversized trend from a very niche market to a more mainstream one. Personal tip: oversized pieces are supposed to be “just a bit large” not 4 sizes up, so don’t exaggerate.


What separates a decent streetwear outfit from a proper “hypebeast nonsense” is the overall sense of finesse, in particular, when it comes to accessories. Many are the ones, in fact, who are wearing flashy rings and chains just for the sake of it, in particular, if they are heavily branded like the ones from Versace, for example.


Another crucial element in every streetwear outfit is related to the fact that, generally, people are just buying the “big ones”. For example, Yeezys have been the most famous pair of shoes since 2015, with millions of units sold but, when the trend was obliterated by the advent of the dad’s shoes, Balenciaga’s Triple S became the “most wanted” pair of shoes. It’s important to understand that, in order to fit into a good looking streetwear outfit, everything should look coherent, from your mesh trucker hats to your shoes. Once again, don’t exaggerate.


Winter is coming, which is why many are looking after a new coat. If you want to buy a jacket that will fit your outfit, keep in mind that camo will be the biggest trend of this upcoming fall, with many designers already presenting entire collections in this colourway. Camo is perfect with jeans and white hoodies, which are evergreen and will definitely be the perfect pick for your outfit. Brands to monitor? KITH, Balenciaga, Bape and Supreme for all the above-mentioned pieces.