Exercise Discretion Before Using Do-It-At-Home Hair Extensions Services

That hair extensions have become big business in recent times is not a disputable fact. This is all well and good except that the trend has seen the emergence and of course the competition is the installation of wigs who are just out there to make a quick buck – these are the ‘do-it-at-homers,’ and you should steer clear of them at all costs.

Simply put, these are persons with connections to people in the hair extension business who go about setting up related websites which they then fill with content and portfolio work copied from official sites.After rigorous advertising campaigns using Google pay-per-click their websites’ high rankings become enough ‘proof’ to the unsuspecting web audience about their expertise in hair piece singapore.

There are quite several pointers that you can check on to ascertain the authenticity of such websites of which you are in doubt. Firstly, the sites’ contents read like material that has been patched together from different websites. Secondly, the websites don’t provide reliable contact information – no fixed addresses are indicated, and instead of landline phone numbers they provide mobile phone contacts. Thirdly, these websites have a habit of offering hair extension products at discounted rates just to entice customers.

Before paying for these discounted hair extensions check to see that you are dealing with a qualified hair technician, or also you can Buy wig Singapore. The technician should have the necessary license and should have practiced the trade for a considerable period at a hair salon of repute. Basing your buying decision solely on the prices offered is nothing more than putting your hair at risk rather blatantly.

Upon confirming that the ‘do-it-at-homer’ has the requisite qualifications and feeling assured that you’re spending of 4-6hrs at the hair professional’s home will be a pleasant, comfortable and rewarding experience, make an effort of authenticating the quality of the hair and assessing if the price quoted is worth it. To make an informed decision on this query, it is vital to understand the reasons and circumstances that prompted him or her to operate as a ‘do-it-at-homer.’

Let it be clear to you if the person you are about to entrust your hair job to is passionate about the job or just there for the money. Make an assessment to ascertain that he/she has enough financial resources sufficient to have a proper stock of hair extension products. Check on the person’s moral soundness and indeed other primary identifiers which can spare you from the possible blushes and disappointment of ignorance.

Your assessment will not necessarily give you the right answers as to why the person chose to work as a ‘do-it-at-homer.’ The real reason for this is best known to the service provider – this may be just a job for him or her. Their decision to be based at home may be a guise to avoid declaring their incomes fully and hence saving on taxes. They also may be in lack of the knowledge, credentials and financial resources required to establish their own salons. In reality, all these should tick off an alarm bell for you – these are quite reliable risk indicators for your hair, and it’s certainly worth spending a little bit more just to be safe.

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