Bollywood Fan? These are the Places where Celebrities Party in Mumbai

So you are a Bollywood fan! It is the most popular discussion among Bollywood fans…

So you are a Bollywood fan!

It is the most popular discussion among Bollywood fans that where do their favorite stars go partying. Here you’ll definitely be told about the hot party destinations of Bollywood celebrities so that you can visit those places to have a glimpse of your favorite star. But before that check the Mumbai hotel price and decide where you’ll stay during your trip to Mumbai.

Now let us start our run-down list of party places of Celebrities.

Hotel JW Marriot

This luxury hotel is often used by celebrities to throw grand parties of their success. Fort Worth DWI Attorney The pub of the hotel is also one of the most popular places in Mumbai where stars head for casual drink party with their near and dear ones.

Olive Bar and Kitchen

This restaurant bar with its Mediterranean feel is one of the most frequented bars of Mumbai by the celebrities. It has been the favorite party spot for the celebrities of B-town for over a decade. Almost all top names of Bollywood list themselves as a huge fan of this bar.


This is a Chinese vegetarian restaurant specializing in Hakkasan signature dishes. It is claimed that every second B-town celebrity loves munching on the dishes served by the restaurant. The restaurant offers exclusive dining area making it a perfect choice for celebrities. No doubt, celebrities party here!

Wasabi by Morimoto

Rated among the 50 best restaurants in Asia, Wasabi by Morimoto in the Taj Palace tops the list of every celebrity of Bollywood who craves for Japanese cuisines.  Kareena Kapoor Khan along with husband Saif is often spotted here. Most of her family celebrations end up being planned at Wasabi Japanese restaurant. Akshay Kumar too is a die-hard fan of the place.

Two One Two Bar and Grill

This is a magnificent Italian restaurant that is most popular among the celebrities of Bollywood. This is sure to go family party place for Big-B and family. Apart from the Bachchan family Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Gauri Khan, Rishi Kapoor and Karan Johar finds the place best for partying with closed-ones.

Masala Bay

This is a restaurant specializing in Indian cuisines and famous among those having perfectly Indian taste-bud. This restaurant keeps on hitting the news headline due to its most loyal customer, the perfectionist of Bollywood – Amir Khan. It is said that the restaurant is always happily ready to customize its dishes as per the customer’s diet. It at least does this for Amir Khan!

Indigo Cafe

This is the most popular restaurant among celebrities. It is said to be always buzzing with the stars of Bollywood. One or the other celebrity can be spotted here almost at any time. The list of celebrity lovers of Indigo Cafe can go on forever if we start to jot down the names one by one.

Pali Bhavan

It is a restaurant in Bandra that specializes in Maharashtrian cuisines with a delectable Indian spread.  Celebrities visiting the Pali hill often rest and unwind themselves at this restaurant. This is the most favorite spot for Riteish Deshmukh and wife Genelia. Sonam Kapoor too is seen frequenting the place.

The Korner House

Located in the Khar is the restaurant that has gained popularity among B-town celebrities in a very less time. It has lured in the younger lot of celebrities including Alia Bhatt with its huge varieties of Salad, Flatbreads, Soups, and Pasta. The older celebrities like Salman Khan have also been spotted walking the trails of young celebrities and partying at the Korner House.

Smoke House Deli

The Smoke House Deli, an award-winning cafe, is one of the best choices of diet-conscious B-town celebrities. It has such a long list of servings that it is safe to say that they have everything on their menu card. This again is more famous among the younger lot of celebrities including Alia, Ranveer, and Shraddha, etc.

Go on to enjoy a vacation at Mumbai while fulfilling your dream to spot Bollywood celebrities!