Best Choices for Customized Corporate Diwali Gifts

The corporate gifting culture has been prevalent for quite some time now, in the market. It has also become a way in which employees have begun comparing their company to the rest. Which company gifts what to their employees on a special occasion is the new topic of gung ho and discussion in the Corporate Sector? Let us take a peek at the best choices for customized corporate Diwali gifts ideas.

Leather Bags and Diaries

Leather has always been a symbol of class and sophistication. It also makes for an excellent gifting item. Considering that we are pondering over customized Diwali gifts for office staff, Leather makes the perfect match. Leather Diaries or even Bags can be customised excellently according to the use. Depending on who the gift is being given to and how they are going to make use of it, the company can get it altered.

Table and Wall Clocks

Time is precious in the corporate so the wall clock or a table clock for employees is the best choice to make. Not only is the gift symbolic and thoughtful, it can be customised with the company name and logo. Depending on how many people it has to be given to the quality and costing can also be looked into. As watches come at different prices, the company has the option to decide and choose from.


Who doesn’t use stationary? Almost all employees, even though they might be handy with Laptops or touch pads, there is always place for a notepad and a quality pen. A pen might look like an extremely menial gift to give yet one needs to look into the market for high-quality pens available. And pens can also get engraved with employee names to customise them and make them more personal.

Office Set

An office set can constitute of a number of things ranging from Notepads, key chains, Card Holders, Pen stands, Paper Weights etc. And all these items can be personalised in whichever fashion the company wants. They can be engraved upon and also printed on, therefore depending on what is more feasible for the company they can go with that option.

Laptop Cases

Most companies go with this option as it is simpe, impactful and hassle free. Gifting a laptop bag works wonders as almost each employee of an organisation from the top management to the lower managerial level needs a laptop bag. In case you can think of nothing go with this one, it never goes wrong!


These are multiple customised corporate gift ideas. A company just has to decide which one of them is more feasible monetarily and even otherwise in terms of quality and quantity for them and take required steps to come down to the best out of the given choices. There can be a number of constraints that they might have to look into, like budget being the primary one. Therefore, the decision has to be well thought out and planned. Diwali Gifts are special for everyone and we believe corporate should not be left behind!