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7 Dating Don’ts

Needless to say that the thrill of an upcoming date is always exciting yet nerve-wracking at the same time. “What shall I wear? Where shall we go? What will we do? Should I be late or not?” With all these questions in mind, the date is coming closer and closer until it is time to finally meet each other.

To have a nice time during a real date or at one of maturedating online websites, try to follow these simple dating don’ts.

Don’t ever do this

7 Dating Don’ts

  • No “High Five” – in a modern society, it is a common situation seeing men and women doing a “high five” gesture. But this is more for friends rather than for people in relationships. High five is something that should never be done even if you are not ready for a kiss. For example, you can say: “It was a great time. Let’s do it again?” That would be a perfect end of a nice first date.
  • Don’t stop – awkward situations can happen anytime and during a date too. Nevertheless, it is not a reason to stop everything and not see each other again. Awkward situations happen with everyone, the most important is how you perceive them.
  • Frequency – when you just start dating, you see them 1-2 times a week. With time, it is already 4-5 times a week and in the end, you already spend all nights together. It might sound a little un-romantic but the majority of such couples are together not because of serious intentions but because of mistaken attraction.
  • Don’t boast – a great number of women who have kids can’t stop boasting about them. You should remember that it is a big turn off for a guy as he wants to get to know you first and only then kids.
  • No alcohol – alcohol is a tricky thing that makes people say phrases like “I love you” without meaning them. Don’t take it seriously and think one more time whether this man/woman is worth dating.
  • No rush – go for dates with happiness and ease. True feelings should develop naturally – no need to hurry them up.
  • Don’t express feelings through messages – some people are shy to share their feelings face to face. That’s why they use different social networks or messengers for that. But just imagine how nice it would be for a woman to hear it personally from you.

It is easy to mess up dating experience if you don’t pay enough attention to the dating don’ts. So, take them into account, and have a great time!…

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Look Younger and Smarter with Plastic Surgery

This is the age of fashions. Everybody wants to look younger than his or her age. Look younger and stay fit is the hottest slogan these days. But tell me honestly, do you want to avoid diet plans and exercises and still look young and charming? If it is so, the plastic surgery is the best option for you.

Plastic surgery has become very common now among many people relating to different field. People from film industry make use of this to hide the wrinkle on their faces. They get rid of blemishes and moles. Moreover, features are enhanced according to their will and choice. It has become vital for them.

It has also become important part of people’s life. You can save your job, your family and your relations by improving your looks and fitness. Younger people have more chances of staying in the job than aged people. Employers go for the physicals appearance and looks although these things have nothing to do with the performance. A simple face-lift can help you to look youthful and therefore more eligible for the job.

You can reduce weight with the help of plastic surgery. When you are smarter you will have more energy to do work efficiently than people who are overweight and lazy. This way you will be more active for your job. Not only this, you can take part in different activities with your family; it strengthens the relationship between you and family members.

So you can attain many aims by plastic surgery. It is not dangerous to health but a safe thing to look youthful. Be careful, you should follow the instructions your health instructor gives you to achieve good and long lasting results not only in your appearance but also in your life

These surgeries can be made affordable by everyone by going for a Payday Loan.…

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Beauty Tips to Look Younger

Beauty Tips to Look YoungerPeople always want to look beautiful and glamorous irrespective of their age; this is human tendency. Now-a-days there are treatments available for every problem regarding beauty, such as enhancing your complexion, reducing wrinkles, to get pimple free skin and so on.

All treatments use advanced equipment and involve a lot of expenditure. Yet they are worth it. If you want to raise funds to avail these facilities you can do so by using payday loans. A Payday loan is the best option in such cases as it is a short term unsecured loan. Payday loans are easily accessible and they do not take long to process.

Apart from the above treatments there are so many other tips that can be followed to stay young; these include:

  1. Eat organic food over junk: Organic food is not only healthy but also helps prevent aging. It would be better to replace your junk intake with an organic diet.
  2. Use a moisturizer everyday: Do not forget to apply moisturizer every day, especially on your face, neck, hands and legs, by doing so you give your skin the required moisture it needs.
  3. Drink lots of water throughout the day: Drinking lots of water is a very good habit and at the same time healthy too. It also helps to reduce your weight as it makes you feel fuller for longer; it is definitely very good for skin as it makes the skin glow.
  4. Consume food with vitamin C: Vitamin C is very important for skin. Consume a minimum of 75mg per day as it prevents wrinkles.
  5. Use lip gloss: Use lip gloss over lip stick. Gloss gives a youthful appearance.Beauty Tips to Look Younger
  6. Do not stress yourself: Avoid stress, follow relaxation techniques if you are in stress.
  7. Avoid Sugar: If you take sugar in large quantities it can lead to early wrinkles giving you and older appearance.
  8. Exercise regularly: Exercise is the best way to stay healthy, and yoga is better than the best.
  9. Always stay in Fashion: Keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends and have a cheerful trendy look. Keep changing your hair style to suit you the best.
  10. Choose light colours: Light colours reflect and help you glow. Prefer light colours over the dark.
  11. Red Wine: Help your skin damage by having red wine. Red wine contains antioxidants which will prevent the cells of the skin from as much damage.
  12. Pedicure & Manicure: Pedicures and manicures give healthy palms and toes. It gives a pleasant and young look.
  13. Sleep well: Have a pleasant sleep. Make sure you get in your recommended 8 hours. This gives a glow to your face, keeps you fresh and active. This is the most important and most neglected point now-a-days.
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Where Can You Expect To Find Some Of The Most Expensive Jewellery?

It’s no secret that we all love diamonds or can at least appreciate their beauty. They are formed at high temperatures and pressured deep below the Earth’s surface which is what makes them so unusual, unique and precious. Some diamonds can be as old as the Earth itself, which only creates more fascination around them. If you’ve ever wondered where you can expect to find the most expensive jewellery pieces, why not check out our guide to what are the most expensive pieces of bling that can ever be found…

Expensive Jewellery

The Blue Moon Diamond

The Blue Moon Diamond is certainly one of a kind and was recently sold for $48.4 million at an auction in Geneva in Switzerland in 2015. The rare and wonderfully blue diamond was purchased by a private collector from Hong Kong and the sale price came in at a record price for any single gemstone! The diamond took 6 months to cut and polish and came in at a whopping 12.03 carats of vivid-blue glamour!

Cowdray Pearls

In 2015 at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, someone purchased a rare, natural grey pearl necklace named the Cowdray Pearls for over $5.2 million- this was sold alongside a 27.68 carat Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring. Both pieces were bought by Hong Kong collectors.

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond

Richard Burton gifted Elizabeth Taylor the 33.1 carat and potentially flawless diamond set on a ring in 1968. The ring ended up selling for the insane price of $8.8 million at an auction in 2011.

Princess Diana’s Sapphire Ring

Princess Diana’s engagement ring was hand-picked by the late Princess years ago and now belongs to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. The ring is flawless and features an 18 carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring

The unique two stoned Bulgari ring features a stunning triangular shapes blue diamond weighing 10.95 carats with a colourless triangular diamond sitting near it at 9.87 carats. The ring made $15.7 million at a Christies Jewel auction in New York in 2010.

Mouawad L ’Incomparable

L ’incomparable translates into ‘beyond comparison’ or ‘unequalled’ and this certainly is the case for this next gem (no pun intended)! The large necklace is the most expensive in the world, according to the folks at Guinness World Records and features a massive yellow diamond surrounded by 103 diamonds of all different shapes.

The Unmounted Heart Shaped Diamond

The unmounted heart shapes D colour diamond is internally flawless and comes in at a massive 56.15 carats and is affectionately named as the ‘Love At First Sight’ diamond. This sparkler reached an astonishing $12 million at an auction in Geneva in 2011.

The Heart Of The Ocean

Our next contender is an imitation of the necklace worn by Kate Winslet in the movie ‘Titanic’ and features a 15-carat blue diamond. This piece was created by jewellery Harry Winston and was worn by Gloria Stuart at the 1998 Academy Awards.

Wallis Simpson Panther Bracelet

 Made in 1852, the panther bracelet …

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